Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazy Sunday

Been out the whole week. My Ike was confined in the hospital since Tuesday morning. He was diagnosed to have Typhoid Fever. I don't know where he got it but what's important is God healed him. But now it is my turn to get well. I am down with a flu but I know with God's grace tomorrow I will be up and about and be able to report for work again. I can't afford to be absent anymore. I know my students are already waiting for me. I am already claiming it....I am already well and I will be working again tomorrow.

Anyway, it's another crazy Sunday. Today's theme is Log houses. I love looking at floor plans, few people know that once in my life I have dreamed of becoming an architect. I used to have a small sketch book where I used to draw floor plans. So I have been searching the net to look for floor plans that I stumbled upon this site full of log cabin plans. I love the idea of having a loft type of house. So here they are...

Thanks for reading!

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