Thursday, May 17, 2012

Blog Giveaway

Found this  great blog by the very talented Natt and she is giving away these awesome prizes. Go to her blog and get a chance to win!


When I get time alone, i really miss the old and simple days. But then again parenthood has changed me in so many ways. Changes i will never ever regret. lessons in life came, and it made me take life a little bit more seriously. 

Love your mothers, cause what they do is more than any human ability. They sacrifice everything for you. They'd fight anybody if they see that what they're doing is for your own good. They'd cry every night coz they're hurt but can't voice it out. Then when you look at them, they'd smile, coz everything in the world is right as long as they have you. Its true what they say... You'll never understand parenthood until you have children of your own.

This was a message sent to me by my niece last Mother's day. And I do agree with her 100%. Being a mom is not an easy task. Belated Happy Mother's Day to All!

Instagram and Photo Apps

Last January I was introduced to the world of Iphone photo editing apps. Since then I got soooo hooked that it almost took all of my spare time playing with it. In fact i barely use it as a phone. I is more of a photo editing tool for me. LOL. I have found a new outlet for my creative juices.  

Working on New layouts...

Last week I was able to make a couple of layouts after more than a month of  being unproductive. Here are the photos of my my layouts in progress:

I was able to finish two of those layouts but the last layout was finished just yesterday! Talk about getting distracted. I will post the details once I am able to take photos of the layouts. :)

Thanks for looking!

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